July 19, 2015

Canadian Forces / US Military / NATO Scepter Military Fuel Cans (MFC)

I know full well that my 1999 6.5L TurboDiesel GMC Suburban K2500 doesn't need to be the "ultimate" bug-out vehicle, I'm not expecting to survive the Zombie Apocalypse, but I did want to be able to transport as much Diesel as I could fit behind the 3rd row of seats - sealed, and not leaking in case I wanted to travel far into the bush, or bring enough fuel for myself and a 2nd vehicle.  I wanted to use military surplus jerry cans as well, because they're strong and built to military specifications.
So how much Diesel can fit behind the 3rd row? It seems the magic number is twelve 20L Military Fuel Cans (240L).

Scepter has been manufacturing Military Fuel Cans (Jerry Cans) for the Canadian Forces (and US Military, and NATO) for at least two decades, and skids of surplus cans show up at Crown Asset Disposal from time to time.  I have not been fortunate enough to find such a skid, but by keeping an eye on Kijiji, and having some luck, I have come into possession of twelve such cans.  All have come with their fair share of scratches and marks, but I like that, it gives them character! The problem is, some of them leak from around the opening - but why?

This video described exactly why:

So now I'm posed with the issue of fixing them... but where do I get parts?  eBay?  Well, yes I could, but no seller has all the parts I need in one place.  From the video above I know I need gaskets, replacement yellow tabs for some, and flanges.

So I check Scepter's web site

There's Princess Auto; and who doesn't love Princess Auto?!  Me right now, because they don't have the parts I need, they just occasionally have military fuel canisters for sale.

There's Rampart International, who sell a lot of Scepter stuff - but not the small parts.  So, they're off the list despite being Ottawa-local.

...then there's DS Tactical in British Colombia who's got everything, online, and ready to order!
YOU DS Tactical get my business because you're better than the rest of the Scepter dealers in Canada.
Thank you for making business easier!

The order has been placed, and hopefully I'll get the parts by the end of the week.

Update: Within an hour of the parts arriving, all MFC cans were repaired (although in hindsight I could have used one more flange and another seal...).   The net cost of all of them is still a fraction of MSRP, even with the pricey parts from DS Tactical.  Worth it, IMHO.

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