November 10, 2015

Was the Marshal Krylov / Маршал Крылов watching the US Navy ballistic missile test too?

US Navy Air Photo from May 1990 (U)
taken with the famous KA-99 low altitude panoramic camera
On Monday September 21st 2015 the Marshal Krylov (Маршал Крылов) set sail from the home of the Russian Pacific Fleet, Vladivostok. I believe it was back in the harbour by September 27th, but I don't really know how long it was out of port, as it could have just been out briefly for a pre-deployment shakedown. Commissioned in 1990 as a Soviet missile range instrumentation ship, it was designed to track ballistic missiles and satellites during testing. I bet those same antennas could be used to track anything, or watch any test, of anyone's ballistic missiles.

On October 22nd 2015 @7FBTK speculated that the Marshal Krylov was being moved by two tugs ("MB-92" and "MB-93") from the Slavyanka Shipyard.

On November 7th 2015 the US Navy launched at least one ballistic missile across the Pacific between its test ranges, as famously seen in Los Angeles as a "UFO".

I wonder if Marshal Krylov was at sea, and watching too?  I'm not sure in what state of refurbishment she's in currently

(Original Source Unknown)
Here are some plans that I can't believe are on the internet:


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