July 08, 2016

RIMPAC 2016 has a Russian shadow

The Pribaltika, a Balzam-class AGI - April 2016 - Vladivostok
Credit: forums.airbase.ru
RIMPAC 2016 is going on in Hawaii right now, with a large Canadian contingent taking part!

Two years ago the Chinese Navy was invited to bring their ships... and they sent an extra, a spy-ship (AGI) to "listen in" on the whole event, just outside of American waters.  Oh, those crafty Chinese!

I haven't heard anything about another Chinese AGI being spotted, yet, but the Russians weren't invited to RIMPAC 2016 (that's poor form guys!) so they showed up anyway, with their own "spy ship", the Pribaltika, a Balzam-class AGI.

In 2014 the Pribaltika was lurking around Alaska, listening to the fishies, or something.

I look forward to see how this pans out, as I noticed some of the Russian Navy's warships around the Kuril Islands (North of Japan), and they could easily have been headed East.  Anyone wonder where the Russian Navy Pacific Fleet Subs are hanging out?  I bet they're listening in too, nearby.

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